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These services can be invaluable to someone coping with a serious illness, or a recent widow/er faced with a table-full of insurance papers.
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Personalized Financial Services

We provide training and counseling to help improve the client’s financial literacy. Our goal is to get the individual on the path to financial security, whether that requires ongoing services, or just a helping hand along the way. The financial staff at CareSource understands the highly personal and confidential nature of daily money management work, and are insured and bonded for your protection.

There are two ways to access the program:
Community Outreach Project: MonarchCare partners with city government community service programs to provide residents with helpful and/or protective financial services. Financial Specialists teach individuals how to automate and set up daily money management tasks and provide training workshops. Services include one-on-one counseling, assistance with identifying and applying for benefits and entitlements, preparing budgets and account reconciliations.

Personalized Financial Management: This service typically begins with a referral from a financial professional, a family member and/or a non-profit or government agency. A meeting with the client helps MonarchCare to assess his or her current situation and an action plan is designed and implemented. Services can include:

Daily Money Management

The cornerstone of this program is Daily Money Management, provided by Financial Specialists. These specialists ensure client’s bills are paid timely and can sometimes negotiate payment/balance reductions with creditors (if there is an accumulation of debt.) We also help clients to understand the value and learn the use of a personal budget. This allows the individual to foster independence and focus on personal goals such as maintaining physical health, making better life choices or avoiding bankruptcy.

Help with Benefits

Benefits counseling and application assistance is also available. Many of our clients are eligible for at least one entitlement program or employer-based benefit, such as Social Security benefits, Veteran’s pensions, Medicaid or Medicare programs. For these individuals, Financial Specialists help in the location and analysis of potential benefits, the processing of applications, appeal procedures and any required follow-up tasks.

Medical and insurance claims processing

Our Financial Specialist will work with your medical providers to ensure the claims are submitted accurately and timely. We will track payments you receive from your insurer and ensure secondary claims to other insurers, such as your Medigap policy, group insurance, AARP, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and all other insurance carriers are filed.

Our goal is to assist the consumer in obtaining maximum reimbursement from all their insurance policies, whether that means sorting through and organizing your statements or filing the actual claims. Once all insurers have paid in full, your Financial Specialist will advise you what checks to write to make sure you do not overpay.

Organize Paperwork

Papers accumulate for everyone and can be overwhelming to maintain. Things like bills, solicitations, insurance forms insurance and correspondence tend to stack up.

MonarchCare can help de-stress this process by establishing systems that will work for you. We can set up a personalized filing system for:

  • Bills and household records
  • Bank and Insurance statements
  • Important documents like Birth and Marriage Certificates, Power of Attorney, Wills
  • Tax documents

Representative Payee

MonarchCare can serve as income payee or trustee when needed (click here for more information on trustee services.) As representative payee, we receive the client’s income (usually an entitlement such as Social Security or Veteran’s benefits) directly, pay all the designated bills and then distribute the balance of the check amount to the beneficiary. Distributions can be made into another account or in the form of cash, either monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly. The cost for this service varies based on the source of the income and the number of distributions.

  1. Care Management
  2. Guardianship and Trustee Services